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Intro to French Cooking


Tuesday 2nd, Wednesday 3rd and Thursday 4th of October

French Onion soup 

Moules et Frites 

Chicken Chausseur 

Mediterranean quiche 

Pear & Thyme Tart tatin 

A Way to fit the Turkey in the Oven


Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th or Thursday 15th of May

Chestnut & Apple soup 

Butternut squash & Potato gratin with walnut crust 

Roasted Brussels sprouts with wild mushrooms & cream 

Turkey roulade stuffed with butternut, spinach & figs

Apple, leek & sage stuffing

Chocolate & Coffee Pecan pie


Comfort Fall food


Tuesday 20th, Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22nd of November

Roasted Pumpkin & Peach salad 

Turkey & Ricotta stuffed shells 

Pork loin with apricot Dijon sauce 

Potato & leek galette with rosemary & sea salt 

Mascarpone fig pie with ginger hazelnut crust 




Celebrate Fall Flavors


Tuesday 27th or Wednesday 28th of November

Creamy Rutabaga & Tomato soup with cheese and smoked almonds

Pommes Anna with brown butter & crispy sage 

Carrots with pistachio lime butter 

Roasted Chicken with sage, crispy parsnips, orange & cinnamon 

Chocolate Mousse with Honeycomb





Hors d'Oeuvres for Entertaining along with a Champagne toast


Tuesday 4th, Wedensday 5th or Thursday 6th of Deceber

Bacon wrapped Scallops with cajun cream sauce 

Cheddar cheese cups with avocado mousse 

Verrine of Potimarron & curry shrimp 

Comte & Chorizo cannels 

Cranberry pecan Goat cheese truffles 

Baily's Chocolate caramel tarts 

Red Velvet Chocolate Eclairs 

Match-Caramel cookie cream puffs


Festive Holiday Menu


Tuesday 11th, Wednesday 12th, Thursday 13th of December

Cheddar cheese cups with Feta, Avocado mousse 

Crab & Scallion stuffed shrimp 

Surprise soup for Christmas 

Slow roasted Beef Tenderloin with double mushroom ragout 

Lemon Thyme spinach 

Individual savory Horseradish bread puddings 

Raspberry souffle


A bit of Sunshine in the Winter


Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th, Thursday 17th of January

Roasted Carrots & Pineapple with brown butter vinaigrette 

Passion fruit & citrus salad with coconut meringues 

Rustic Bean & Farro soup 

Pomegranate glazed Chicken thighs 

Orange cake with Zablione

Gluten & Dairy Free class


Tuesday 22nd, Wednesday 23rd and Thursday 24th of January

Courgette & Rouette salad with almond, tomate confit and mushroom vinaigrette 

Cauliflower balls with turmeric curry sauce

Oven roasted Cabbage 

Creamy & smoky chipotle Pork chops 

Coconut Mango mousse with toasted coconut



Getting to know French Fish


Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st of January

Scallops with butternut squash sauce & apple celery salad 

Seasonal fish with a ginger miso beurre blanc 

Mediterranean fish en Papillote 

Cod with mushroom herb duxelles 

Sweet corn cake with blueberry lavender compote



Macaroons Hands-on Class (limited space due to hands-on)


Tuesday 5th, Wednesday 6th and Thursday 7th of Feburary

Tomato Basil Macaroons 

Smoked Salmon Macaroons 

Mango White chocolate ganache Macaroons 

Chocolate Peppermint Macaroons 

Take your Macaroons home for your family to enjoy!

Winter Comfort food


Tuesday 12th, Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th of February

French Parmesan soup 

Creamy winter greens gratin 

Duck confit Risotto with butter & sage 

Osso Buco with mustard & horseradish sauce 

German chocolate bombs 

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