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Nicole T

Paris, France

"Janine is a very talented chef! She has a warm and friendly personality which is part of what makes her cooking classes so nice and cozy in her kitchen, gathered comfortably around her huge cooktop island. She offers an extensive menu for the days' lessons; always a variety of exquisite food that you definitely want to repeat in your own home!"



Daniela Matson

Le Vésinet, France

"Janine's classes are a haven of AMAZING food and great energy. There is good people, wine, absolutely incredible food and a wealth of information. Janine is a culinary genius and knows just about everything food related. Not only are the recipes fun and delicious but they have completely changed my confidence in the kitchen. I look forward to having people over for dinner now and my 5 year old asks "is this a Janine recipe" before trying a new dish. She knows it will be good if it originated in Janine's kitchen. Looking forward to attending many more classes!"



Hildur Heimis

Croissy sur Seine, France

"These classes are my treats to myself and the best thing is perhaps that my family and friends benefit from it as well! Janine is simply fantastic and she is happy to share all of her wisdom! These classes are also fantastic for a new person that just arrived to Paris and surrounding as you will make new friendships. Some that will last a lifetime!"


Inge van Dijk

Chatou, France

"Going to Janine’s cooking class is such a treat for me! I see it as a day out with friends, we always have lots of fun together. Not only that, but the class is also very informative and has really helped me upgrade my every day cooking. Janine’s recepies are easy to follow and I have been using a good number of them regularly."



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